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“Norman Lee leaves nothing on the table as his passion and

hunger for his God inspires and invites others to join in

‘The Journey’ through music.

“When you visit The Garden Worship Center you enter a

welcoming community where Pastor Norman Lee preaches by

combining artistry, drama and music that inspires, challenges

and creates a hunger for the Word of God.”

Pastor Cary Holbert - Columbia, South Carolina


“I cannot over emphasize or exaggerate the richness of Norman

Lee’s voice, the magnificent music arrangement, and the great

gift of his songs in his latest album ‘The Journey’.”

“Pastor Norman Lee is one of the most gifted and

enthusiastic pastors I have ever met. He understands the

meaning and value of worship and consistently and effectively

leads congregations into the presence of God through music

and the spoken word.”

Pastor Bill Watson - Nashua, New Hampshire


“‘The Journey’ is one more marvelous expression of Norman

Lee’s love for God through his unique and special gift. The

music is uplifting, the lyrics insightful, and the melody is a

testimony of divine grace.”

Pastor Ben Randall - Vacaville, California


“From preaching to praising, Pastor Norman Lee’s heart and

soul is fully engaged! He loves without reserve and calls

others to do the same. Norman is a pastor who can say

without reservation ‘Follow me as I follow Christ’.”

Evangelist Roberta Randall - Safe Harbor, California

Church on the Square

CHURCH ON THE SQUARE.......Norman Lee's extraordinary talents as a singer song writer have graced so many over the years, and I may add it's been a pleasure to see him grow musically as well spiritually. "God is with me" is just another example of the range and quality of his great talent. Norman Lee has brought audiences to there feet in every performance here at Church on the Square in the Villages, Florida. He has related his testimonial in Christ our Lord with an honesty seldom found in the many Gospel singers of our day. This rare quality is the key to his success with all audiences young and old. Norman's Christian music is full of the different styles he has mastered over the years of stage performance. He has given a face lift to the Gospel music of today. With sincerity and hopes to present him in the light he most definitely deserves.

Christian 12-Step Ministry,Inc.

CHRISTIAN 12-STEP MINISTRY, INC....... The undersigned has had the opportunity of knowing and working with Mr. Norman Lee for approximately the past eight years. He has been involved in the music field as an entertainer and has supported himself and his family doing so. During my relationship with him, I have observed him to be a very dedicated man deeply committed to being the best performer that he can. He has worked hard in his field of work. In his personel life, he has had challenges that I have had the privilege of helping him with. He has been very cooperative and zealous in working through his personal problems and has dedicated his life to finding himself deep within. He is well on the way to accomplishing this goal. In the past several years, Norman has become very very serious about his career in the music field and has worked very hard in his writing and performance of Christian music. He has demonstrated a deep desire to touch the world in the message of salvation in Jesus Christ and has performed with a deep sense of love and commitment to serving his listener in bringing them the message of the Gospel in song. He ia a fine young man and has demonstrated his deep desire to live a clean dedicated life to the cause of his work and his beliefs in Jesus Christ. It is with great joy and a sense of heartfelt thankfulness that I recommend Norman Lee as a fine young man, a good Christian and a faithful messenger of God's Word.